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How To Interview Over The Telephone - by Nadia Gruzd
Tuesday, 11, June, 2013 by: Shape My Career
Telephone screening interviews are becoming more commonplace as companies seek to employ professionals from other states and countries. Given this trend, your job search may involve several telephone interviews. How you make your case over the phone will determine further interest in you as a candidate. Phone interviewing is unique. You can't count on visual stimuli such as good looks or power

Beyond ME, Inc.
Saturday, 02, June, 2012 by: Unknown
Landing an opportunity is not the end of being the CEO of ME, Inc. but the beginning of your next chapter. Being the CEO of ME, Inc. doesn’t stop just because you’ve successfully navigated your way into a targeted position or landed that ideal client; this entire program is much more than simply “landing a job.” If you’ve internalized the CEO of ME, Inc. paradigm, you now recognize its unique

Become an "Untouchable" NOW!
Friday, 25, May, 2012 by: Unknown
In his book The World is Flat, (copyright © 2005 by Farrar, Straus, & Giroux) New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman presents a view of the future in which evolving technologies will level the playing field for business owners worldwide. Traditional corporate hierarchies will likely be replaced by highly specialized online communities sharing similar business interests. According to

Dig Your Well Before You Need the Water
Saturday, 14, April, 2012 by: Unknown
Colleagues,This timeless axiom perfectly describes the mess you’ll be in once you’ve cycled through the 7-Step Job Search Methodology, gotten the interview, received the job offer, accepted it, and started working at the target company without nourishing, expanding, and regularly pinging your network.For many, the problem is complacency. Once you’ve ended those horrible months of waiting for

You Don’t STOP being the CEO of ME, Inc. after Accepting a New Position!
Friday, 30, March, 2012 by: Unknown
We’ve had some recent successes helping professionals land positions in less than 40 days from starting our 7-Step Job Search Program. Landing is only half the battle; securing the position and preparing for next steps is equally critical.During your first few months in a new position, you will obviously want to manage your workload carefully and make sure you have the answers from your

Book Recommendation

The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World With Kindness

link to Amazon

With a foreword by Jay Leno, how could this not be a nice book? Coauthors Thaler and Koval submit their own success in the cutthroat world of advertising as evidence that nice girls can finish first while taking home more than a dozen Clio awards along the way. Following up their bestselling look at creating compelling marketing strategies—Bang!—they turn most truisms about business inside out, arguing that good deeds are returned, not punished. Warning against a me vs. you mentality, they even suggest helping opponents as a good way to boost a career.

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