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Outplacement Program

Our outplacement services address the following strategies for transitioning Executives, Managers and Professionals. Services range from one-on-one career transition assistance to group classes and meetings over the course of a few months.

Downsizing, layoffs, and job eliminations are never easy. It is during these hard times that Shape My Career can help assuage the pain by providing the best possible support for your affected employees in getting them reoriented to the job market. We ease the transition process by providing displaced workers with a strong career management plan and the job search tools needed to successfully pursue a new and meaningful job.

The Shape My Career Outplacement program consists of four key components to successful career transition.

  1. Corporate Transitioning Strategy and Support
  2. Corporate and Individual Career Transitions Coaching
  3. Job Search and Presentation
  4. Professional Network Expansion

We pride ourselves in providing our client organizations with a complete corporate outplacement program that will help rebuild the displaced worker’s career. Through individualized coaching and support, our outplacement program for displaced workers includes the following:

Self Assessment Researching Employers Job Search Strategies
Career Planning/Selection Resume Development Interview Coaching
Negotiating Transition to a New Job Internet Search Tools
Networking Personal Marketing & Branding Self-confidence

From decision support to individualized presentation of new job opportunities, the Shape My Career Team offers unparalleled support service and is ready to assist and sustain workers through career change and job search.

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Why Outplacement

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