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Network Expansion

Shape My Career can provide you with a world class system for realizing and developing the power of your own network, while affording you access to a whole new network larger than you can even imagine. Our proven, logical and easy-to-do steps will transform you from Employee to Owner of your career!

Corporate clients receive a complimentary one-year Platinum Level membership to the Empowering Today’s Professional (ETP) Network which is a valuable asset to individuals across the globe.

ETP Membership Benefits (Platinum Level)

  1. Weekly Career Management Conference Calls
  2. New Member Orientation
  3. Career Management Swiss Army Knife Toolbar
  4. ETP Network Yahoo News Group
  5. Recommended Reading Lists
  6. Career Transition Resource Center
  7. Support in Achieving the Five Core Goals
  8. Potential connections to 9+ Million people globally
  9. Business Career Shows on ETP Network Television
  10. "Own Your Career" by self promotion to CEO of ME, Inc.
  11. Inspiration, Motivation, Support of Warm Trusted Network
  12. Document Reference Library
  13. ABCs of the Job Search Tool
  14. Job Aid: 7-Step Job Search Methodology
  15. Income Opportunities Social Network
  16. Subscription to "Smart Radar" Job Locator
  17. Join ETP Network Group on
  18. Access to ETP Network Member Directory
  19. Audio Library of Recorded Conference Calls
  20. Participate in ETP Community Social Network
  21. Video Library of Member Produced Training Videos

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