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Corporate Transitioning Strategy & Support

A new strategy, merger or changing market conditions may mean that you need to transition some of your staff. Despite the difficult decision, you want to do this in the most comfortable and effective way possible. You want the best possible support to help your affected employees, not only through this difficult time, but with their future career decisions as well. You also need to support managers through this stressful period.

In working with clients through these difficult situations, we have developed a best practice process for downsizing. This includes a 5 phase approach. Many clients request the full five phases, while others prefer to customize services to align with the organization’s current needs.

Human Resources consultation for strategy development, process design and communication planning.
Professional preparation and training for your management team.
On-site consultant support on notification day and thereafter.
Decision making support for affected employees (on-site unemployment education session and career fair).
Employee support through customized individual or group Career Transition Programs

Transition Services are unparalleled for effectiveness and affordability. Corporations are provided peace of mind, knowing that their employees are receiving professional personalized services supporting a return to work as quickly as possible. Employees benefit from highly customized and personalized job searches conducted by professionals as well as expert resume writing and cover letter critiques. Corporations and Human Resources Managers will enjoy work and improve affordable transition management solutions that really works and improves their outplacement offering to employees.

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