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Vandette Anderson

Vandette’s 20+ years of global recruitment experience including her tenure at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as Director of Recruitment (United States’ Number 1 pediatric hospital) enables Vandette to be the quintessential job search expert and outplacement consultant. Vandette’s commitment to developing best practices incorporates effective traditional job search approaches with the latest technologies and methodologies that deliver results.

Rod Colón

Rod has a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in today's global economy. Rod shares his 24 years of experience as a corporate HR management insider, outside agency recruiter, professional networker and career coach through an unusual yet common sense approach to networking and career management. His in-depth knowledge of international staffing, recruiting and networking gives Rod a unique ability to both coach and consult today’s professionals and executives around the world.

Jeffrey J. Edson

Jeff is a senior management level Human Resources Professional with more than 20 years Health Care experience. Over the course of his career Jeff has provided HR leadership in the areas of Employee and Labor Relations, Organizational Development, Benefits/ Compensation Administration, HR Corporate Compliance, EEO Compliance, Recruitment/Retention, and JCAHO Management. He has a proven track record of transforming proactive Human Resource initiatives into competitive advantages for the Medical Centers where he was gainfully employed; implemented several innovative and successful variable pay programs, streamlined and broad banded compensation systems, and developed state-of-the-art reward and recognition systems providing the catalyst to remain union free.

Kate Moore

Kate Moore is a certified Career Coach and professional resume writer who has worked with a wide range of individuals, from college students to high level executives. A career counselor at a university as well as owner of Moore Career Services, Kate has extensive experience working with job seekers and career changers while consistently staying up to date on current market trends. Kate has had the opportunity to speak to many networking groups and has presented all over New Jersey focusing on the tools of an effective job search.

Carl E. Reid

With corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful. With 40+ years of business experience, Carl has always run his career as a profitable business with high integrity value provided to colleagues, clients, coworkers and friends. Mr. Reid is currently Chief Operations Officer at Empowering Today's Professionals and Chief Savvy Intrapreneur at Savvy Intrapreneur, a business career management / social media consulting company.

Norma Tassy

Norma Tassy has an innovative and collaborative approach to resume writing. Combining over ten years as a recruiter, HR Manager and Outplacement Consultant, Norma listens actively to her clients and produces resumes that highlight the skills, experience and education of each individual.

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