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Career Coaching

Career coaching is available to individuals considering career alternatives, seeking to climb the corporate ladder, getting back into the work force after a hiatus, or entering the work force for the first time. A Career Coach can help you jumpstart the process and get things heading in the right direction. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for professionals of all levels.

Employed professionals seeking to improve performance or identify advancement opportunities often seek the services of a career coach. Our executive coaches will assist you in the development of a 5-Step Career Business Plan. Through our comprehensive program you’ll learn how to manage yourself as a business while leveraging your proven assets. Our coaches will guide you through organizing a winning network of career-enhancing relationships.

The career transition services delivered by our qualified & professional counselors address high stress, emotional complications and uncertainty that accompany termination of employment. Our unique approach in dealing with the emotional turmoil is based upon short term counseling that is resolution focused, helping regain purpose and refocusing of the individual.

Professional Services include:

Career Analysis – Provided for those wishing to assess their current career and compare with current and future career goals.

Work Skills Analysis - Skill assessments are helpful to determine educational and training opportunities.

Career Ladders - Do you know common career paths for individuals with your education, skills, and years of experience? Exploring common career ladders can afford you the opportunity to determine your future direction and workplace movement.

Job Loss Counseling - Delivered by a qualified Career Coach providing resolution focused sessions to regain confidence and deal with the stresses of unemployment and job search. We provide effective one-on-one counseling covering all impact areas.

One-on-One Counseling

Provided as a truly individualized boutique service, our counselors spend quality time with our client on a one-to-one basis.

Career Transition Counseling

An in-depth and individualized approach for re-employment

  • Career transition counseling is provided in such a fashion as to help the client take an active and positive role in their search for employment.
  • The goal is to have clients begin their programs by participating in a comprehensive manner which teaches career transition skills.
  • The focus is on helping individuals develop greater self-awareness, self-responsibility, and flexibility. By combining an emphasis on self-awareness with an education in job search skills, this segment of our services prepares participants to successfully identify and prepare for jobs that fit their needs, skill set and interest.

Resumes & Cover Letters

  • We provide expertise specifically geared for resume & cover letter writing.
  • Combined with the career transition counselor's input, resumes are tailored along with cover letters to provide maximum readability and impact using the Build Your Case™ model.
  • We can also post the resumes to several online job sites, additional fees may apply.
  • We send the resumes to the appropriate network through our contact list, additional fees may apply.


  • Counselors work with individuals to establish a personal network.
  • Our counselors offer personalized planning for the individual in effectively marketing themselves and their skills and expertise to prospective employers.
  • We guide individuals as they tap into the hidden job market.
  • Included in corporate packages is a complimentary one-year membership to the nationally recognized ETP Network.

Interview Skills

  • Our counselors work with the individuals to build and strengthen their skill sets for the interview process.
  • The interview process is reviewed prior to any job interviews.
  • As an option, you may record the practice interview sessions and have them critiqued by the counselor.
  • Our counselors debrief clients after the interview to help manage job search potentials.

Financial Counseling

  • Whether the employee requires counseling for investment or debt we have the resources, through our established network of financial planners and community based agencies
  • We help the individual in making the best decisions possible in financial matters as they relate to the individual's current circumstances
  • Additional fees may apply

Life Coaching

  • Some clients prefer to evaluate their options before setting a plan in motion.
  • We help individuals assess and dream of where they want to be.
  • Working together, client and counselor will develop a plan to achieve their goals.
  • Additional fees may apply

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